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Digital Marketing | Tactical Words 

As a Freelance and Digital Marketing company, we started small. Still, thanks to becoming an affiliate of Fiverr and using the right strategies at the right time, we have become one of the most competitive Digital Marketing companies in the industry today. We have written words and distributed smiles for many years with a worldwide customer base.


The Fiverr writers produce work handcrafted professionally, meeting customer requirements and meeting deadlines following instructions. As an affiliate of Fiverr, we specialize in blogs, articles, books, transcripts, copywriting, and so much more - and every day, we keep expanding our horizons by introducing new writing domains to assist our valuable clients. In addition, we have access to Fiverr’s freelance professionals, and all of their writers are personally verified. We can guarantee top-quality work from each of them.



Colleagues at Work

As a digital marketing company growing in the market every day, our goal is to expand our talent to new clients and be more visible. We consider it our mission to help small businesses and start-ups succeed online by providing all their Digital Marketing needs. The Internet has a wide range of target audiences, and we know which strategies are effective for which business, which is why we provide the highest quality services. Every day, we strive to please our clients more and more.


Delivering what we promise, Tactical Words and Fiverr are committed to providing excellent content writing services and Digital Marketing facilities to our valuable customers. Fiverr offer their services at budget-friendly rates to make our clients happy, and we guarantee excellent quality work to make them even more delighted!



Bobby Cole
| CEO & Founder of

| Authored & Published


About Bobby Cole

Your Words Carefully Planned To Gain A Specific Desired Result

He is an entrepreneur who specializes in Digital Marketing and Ebook/Audiobook Publishing. In addition to operating, he is also an Affiliate of, a marketplace where customers can find freelancers.


As an affiliate of, Bobby has leveraged the digital world to build a brand, provide a great customer experience, and attract more customers. He has authored and published three books and is now working on a 4th.

In addition to being an affiliate of, Bobby is the author of
7 Superfoods That Reverse The Aging Process, and Natural Detox Strategies & Super Foods Originality (under the pen name Robert LaCole) found on, Google Play, Apple Books, and more than 30 more different platforms. He had to use a pen name because someone used his name long before he had a chance to use it. Imagine not even being able to use his name. The third audiobook by Robert LaCole (pen name) is Bitcoin for Profit, available from AmazonBooks,, and iTunes. He is a graduate of the Arizona School of Ministry and is enrolling in Learn From Fiverr to grow his digital Skills.

The company name “TacticalWords” is in remembrance of his military service during the Vietnam era, though he didn’t serve in Vietnam. He was a Sgt E5 Communication Technician and Site Assistant Commander on an isolated communication site in South Korea.

He served there for two years of a three-year tour of duty. Bobby learned essential lessons in South Korea while living with a Korean family, learning their language and customs, an experience he has carried throughout his life. He is getting close to retiring from working actively in the corporate world and getting back to what he loves the most: communication through the spoken and written word.

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