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A Brief Introduction To - First Time Buyers Of Services


Fiverr is a juggernaut within the freelance circles but there are still plenty of people out there (first time buyers), who have no idea of what it is or how it can be used effectively. Fiverr began life in 2010 when Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger developed the idea of a free to use 2-way marketplace for freelancers and customers that enabled the purchase of low cost, low effort work known as gigs.

So, Is A Place To Get Cheap Labor?

Not at all. Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell a variety of digital services starting from the low price of $5 (hence the company name) but it is anything but slave labor. The emphasis on a low starting price is the reason people turn to Fiverr, but work can be pitched at any price point and a variety of “extras” can be sold to increase the amount of revenue you generate as a seller.  

What Services Can Be Bought And Sold On

Fiverr has a huge selection of digital content that can be bought and sold. Looking for a content writer? No problem. Are you a graphic designer who wants to create and sell custom made logos? Fantastic, you’ll be making a living in no time. Fiverr accommodates every area of the digital marketplace from programmer, to artist, to digital marketer, to translation.


How Does Work?

Fiverr is a facilitating platform. It provides two-way communication between buyers looking for digital services and sellers looking to sell their skills.

As a seller on Fiverr, you set up a profile, jump through a few validation hoops, before setting up your digital storefront by creating “gigs.” Gigs are a description of the services you offer along with the price and timeframe for completion.

If you want to buy from Fiverr, you have the same profile process to begin but once this is done the Fiverr marketplace is open to you. Search for specific services using the powerful search tools or create your own buyer request stating exactly what it is you want.

Once you find the service for you, you can purchase the “gig,” provide the required details, and wait for your seller to create and “deliver” your product. It’s as simple as that. All fees are paid up front and contain a processing fee of $2 on purchases up to $20 and 5% on anything above that.

Not happy with the delivered item? Tell the seller. Most gigs come with a number of revisions (that is a number of times that the seller will revise your product to match your needs). Don’t be afraid to use them so you get the perfect product for you.

Once the service or product is accepted by the buyer, the seller will get paid, minus Fiverr’s 20% commission.

Level Up And Conclusion

One of the more unique and convenient ways that Fiverr allows sellers to show how good they are and buyers to see who the better sellers are, is the Fiverr level system. As a seller works on Fiverr and their reputation rises, they will move up levels from No Level, to Level 1, to Level 2, and finally Top Seller.

To gain levels (and keep them) sellers have to deliver work on time, not cancel jobs, and answer customer queries, plus a variety of other measures of reliability. Understandably, higher levelled sellers tend to sell more products than lower ones, emphasizing the need level up.

So, there you have it. Fiverr is a great way to earn money from the skills you already have. I hope you found our guide interesting and useful. Check out other parts of our website for more useful information.

A List Of The Gigs Offered By Freelancers On

Just Click On Gig Needed

Whiteboard & Animated Explainers * Architecture & Interior Design * Game Development * Mobile AppsVideo & Animation * Website Builders & CMS * Web & Mobile Design * WordPress * E-Commerce Development Book Edition * Logo Design * Video Editing * Web Content * Business * Voice Over * Twitch


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Then There’s The Learn Online Courses

Grow Your Digital Skills

One of the more recent additions to Fiverr is their Learn program. This is a great way to enhance your skillset and show potential customers that you have the right tools for their job. To participate, all you have to do is enroll in one of the hundreds of online courses Fiverr offers, each run by industry leaders and academics. Courses aren’t free but they are reasonably priced and provide a great way to increase skills and become more productive.

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