How Email Marketing Services Can Help Your Business Grow


In today’s ever-changing world, email marketing has slowly begun to take a backseat to other forms of digital marketing, like social media, PPC advertising, and SEO optimization. But the truth of the matter is that even in the face of such stiff opposition, email marketing is still a service that will directly improve your business advertising strategy and generate sales in ways that the others can’t. 


In fact, if you run a small business that doesn’t have a large marketing or IT department, email marketing is essential to give you a high level of customer interaction without the increased costs of the other methods. It will also present your company with an opportunity to drive a better return on your investment by creating a deeper relationship with your audience at a fraction of the cost.


But what are the Benefits of Email Marketing?


The biggest problem with other forms of digital marketing is that they generally cast a wide net across your potential customer base and will hit just as many people who are not interested in your services as the ones that are. Social media marketing and/or digital advertising harks back to the old days of television or billboard advertisements where you have little to no control of who sees them and are forced into saturating the marketplace to ensure you hit as many people as possible.


Email marketing gives you far more control over who sees your advertising based on your own criteria. By segmenting contact lists based on specific criteria, such as: age, previous purchases, location, etc, you ensure you hit exactly the demographic you are aiming for with content designed to suit their needs.


Email Marketing is the Most Cost-Effective Form or Digital Marketing


Perhaps the most enticing advantage email marketing has over other forms of digital marketing is that it is cheap to implement and can lead to a far better return on your investment. You can’t get more affordable than email and according to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing brings in an average of $40 worth of revenue for every $1 spent.


Email Marketing is Easy to Set Up and Get Started


One of the best parts of email marketing is that it doesn’t require much in the way of setting up and takes very little in the way of man-power to implement. It’s perfectly possible for a single employee to handle an entire email marketing campaign successfully.


You Can Reach an Already Engaged Audience


For a potential customer to receive email marketing from your business, they must already have asked to receive content from you. Assuming you aren’t going to be spamming customers, your client list will be made up of previous customers and those who’ve signed up to receive correspondence from your business. This means they already have a relationship with you and are invested in your brand and what you have to offer.


Easy to Measure Success


Analytics are indispensable for measuring the success of any campaign and with email marketing it is easy to track performance. Almost all email marketing software allows you to track when emails are delivered, opened, when the recipient clicks-through, and, most importantly, how many of them convert into a sale. Carefully analyzing these metrics allow you to spot weaknesses in your campaign and make effective changes.


How Can You Get the Most from Email Marketing?


One of the best ways to ensure you are getting the best from your email marketing strategy is to use an email marketing service. Email marketing service providers provide a vast array of features that will not only help you make the most of your email marketing campaigns, but improve your business marketing strategy on the whole.


Top-rated services like aWeber or GetResponse allow you to take advantage of things like proven email designs, organization of contact lists, thorough analytics, and effective segmentation of clients. They will also make it easier to avoid the risk of becoming blacklisted as spam.

The main differences between the two come from a few extra features that Getresponse has that are not available in Aweber in the form of webinars, ‘auto-funnels’, and things like a landing page builder.

Well, to be honest they both offer a similar feature set with both giving the ability to capture data, host mailing lists, include a range of pre-designed templates, have auto responder functionality, show statistics on who opened and clicked through your emails, and the ability to integrate with various third-party sites and tools.


But Which One is Better, aWeber or GetResponse ?


Both aWeber and GetResponse are automated systems that allow you to set up ways of contacting potential customers based on whatever criteria you want, thus saving time and, in the long run, money. Things like being able to queue emails in advance, handle requests to unsubscribe by recipients, and sending messages at automated intervals or when a trigger event happens, are invaluable in keeping any marketing campaign running smoothly and effectively. On top of this both services provide a suite of analytical tools to measure success and ensure you are getting the best from your campaigns.


Both services offer similar monthly plans from a cheap basic option to a more expensive premium package and it pays to investigate which one works best for your business and will allow you to experience the full benefits of email marketing in a way that is suited to you