SamCart Review: The Best Digital Shopping Cart?


If you run an online business selling physical or digital products, you’re going to need a powerful shopping cart platform for easy processing of sales and payments. Did you know that over 80% of potential customers who find their way to a checkout page leave before they buy? This makes your choice of digital shopping cart the most important tool for your business.

But with so many different digital shopping cart solutions out there, how do you know which one is the best for you? That’s not an easy question to answer, but over the past year or so, one solution that seems to be cropping up more and more is SamCart.

According to the SamCart website, “SamCart provides everything you need to process transactions in your day to day business, whether customers are purchasing digital or physical products. It's easy to use, integrates with a variety of different software, and is backed with industry leading support. SamCart is a full-fledged shopping cart software that takes care of everything you need to sell both digital and physical products online.”

Lofty claims indeed but are they really true? To find that out I took SamCart for a test drive and this is what I found.

What Exactly Is SamCart?

SamCart was created in 2013 by Brian and Scott Moran to be an easy to use web-based checkout platform that offered powerful tools for all businesses. Over the years the software has evolved to make SamCart one of the most comprehensive and best loved digital shopping carts in the world. But what makes it so good? Let’s take a look:

SamCart’s Main Features

SamCart, as expected, has all the standard features you’d want from a digital shopping cart, including payment gateways and upsell options, but on top of this it adds layers of additional functionality.

A Good Selection of Payment Gateways

Any digital shopping cart software is going to need a good selection of different payment gateways offering a variety payment options. SmartCart integrates easily with Stripe and PayPal, the two most popular online payment processors, giving a wealth of options for customers.

Different Payment Options

Another feature of SamCart that many of its competitors don’t have is a wide variety of different payment options. Alongside the standard one-time payment method you’d expect, SamCart includes options for payment plans, subscriptions that can have varying periodic lengths (e.g. one month, three months, yearly, etc) as well as free trials and a choice of taking payments in eight different currencies.

Stock Limitation and Shipping Options

There’s nothing worse for a customer when buying a physical product to order and then be told that the item they were buying is out of stock. SamCart removes this frustration by tracking stock limits directly in the software. If an item is out of stock the customer will be told so at the point of sale.

If you do sell physical products, then shipping costs will also have to be factored into sales. SamCart makes this a synch, with easy to set shipping options that can be applied to every purchase.

Checkout Templates Geared for High Conversion

Getting customers to your checkout pages is not an easy task and takes time, effort, and, more importantly, money. Once they are there, keeping them there is even trickier. The checkout process should be geared to making sales a breeze so that bounce rates are low and sales are converted.

In this regard, SamCart has you covered. Offering a variety (eighteen at last count) of tried and tested checkout templates, there’s no wonder SamCart has become so popular. Included in this comprehensive selection is SamCart’s renowned one-page funnel template, and their equally popular embeddable and popup checkout pages. All can be tweaked with your own branding and colors to match your website. With so many different options on offer, you’re guaranteed to come across one that fits your business model.

SamCart is Incredibly Easy to Use

As of late 2019, SamCart has implemented an easy to use drag and drop editor for creating your own shopping cart pages. This is a game changer in many ways as few rivals offer page builders. I can’t stress enough how much easier the drag and drop interface makes creating a shopping cart. Within minutes I had a highly effective design that helped maximize my sales funnel.

Options for Upsells and Coupons

Adding value to your sales is a key strategy for most businesses and can determine how successful you are as a company. Thankfully, SamCart has many powerful tools to maximize profits and increase the length of time a customer is your customers. It achieves this by having a dedicated Upsell dashboard where customer recommendations and upsell pages can be designed to your liking.

On top of this, SamCart includes a plethora of coupon options. Things like coupon duration, depth of discount (as a percentage or specific value), and multi-buy options are all easy to set from within product pages.

Email List Integration

This may seem like a small thing, but SamCart has the option to automatically add purchasing customers to your email list. Working in conjunction with many popular email autoresponders like ConvertKit, AWeber, GetResponse, Constant Contact, and MailChimp, SamCart can help you keep customers in the loop and offer them services and products they may like.

Great Customer Support

Let’s face it, sometimes things go wrong. In business this can be a major problem and could cost you money. Having a good customer support team in your corner is critical, and in this regard SamCart has you covered. With a vast repository of Help Center Documentation, Live Chat and Email Support, and even a Facebook Group dedicated to the software, SamCart delivers some of the best customer service in the industry.


Like it’s competitors, SamCart isn’t free, but with a vast array of features, an easy to use drag and drop interface, and easy to implement upsell options, you can’t deny how powerful it is. In my time with SamCart I was amazed at how easy it made the process of converting potential customers to actual customers and have no intention of going back to my old shopping cart solution.

For more information about SamCart and how this product can work for you, go to: The first full-featured eCommerce software built exclusively for sellers who do not need a catalog store.

This Product Reviewed by Bobby Cole